Baddeck, Nova Scotia – Alexander Graham Bell Territory

Go to the town of Baddeck, pronounced ba-DECK. It is the home of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Mr. Bell was a teacher of the deaf, happybell like his father who had developed a system of helping the deaf to speak. Because of his patents, he became quite wealthy and lived on an island across from Baddeck on the Bras d’Or Sea. There, with the help of his wife, family, and other inventive minds, he explored the theory of flight, making kites out of tetrahedrons, four sided shaped triangular forms. He flew his first manned flight in 1909, the first in Canada. One of the young men helping him was a military man from the USA, wealth4living by the name of Selfridge. He is being the first casualty in an airplane. He lost his life demonstrating one of the Wright Brother’s planes for the US military in the early 1900s. instafinanz

Bell was also fascinated with water speed. He built the HD-4, a hydroplane boat around 1918, Chicago Moving Company which attained speed of 71 mph. He tried to sell it to the military, but W.W.I ended and no one had anymore interest in it. Townspeople thought him to be crazy, sabkobol because they saw lights flickering across the water at night from his home. The real reason is that Bell got so wrapped up in an idea that he lost all perspective of time and stayed up all night trying to solve it. Mabel, his deaf wife and once his student, lived a very happy life together. She passed away only five months after he did. home4cloud

A museum in Baddeck exhibits the life and work of Bell. On display is the original HD-4, which was salvaged from the beach. Movies show the ship making its run of seventy-one mph. Expect to spend over two hours there, a very interesting place. Casino enligne


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