Dukan Diet – What’s In It?

The Dukan diet menu is hugely successful in France and other parts of the world, and has helped many people to lose weight very quickly. In fact, it’s being followed by,ketodietposts an estimated 5 million people alone, and now it has been introduced to the U.S. as well.

The Dukan diet has received a lot of attention recently because a lot of celebrities who struggled with maintaining their weight have used it to look in shape again, legalsolid but many people are confused about whether they should adopt this way of dieting or stay far away from it.

What Does The Dukan Diet Menu Work?

Dr. Pierre Dukan has created a way for people to lose weight very quickly using a unique approach to more traditional methods of weight loss. He created this plan of action based off of 30 years of careful research in trying to address the problems with obesity.

According to Pierre Dukan, the human body,valorantis is made up of little fat cells that are called adipocytes. The way most weight loss action steps work is that they help you reduce the size of these adipocytes, but the problem is that they multiply after this and cause people to put the weight back on immediately after finishing a diet.

The Dukan diet menu uses 4 important stages,gamerdidi to address this issue, which if followed closely can help people lose at least 3-5 pounds in the first week, with many others having reported a greater loss of weight.

Now, the only drawback is that this is a high protein diet, basketoffers which means that Vegetarians will have to avoid it, but the good news is that the Pierre Dukan recipes in the book are very tasty for most others.


  • Attack Phase


The very first phase the people go through is, lastgain called the attack phase, and this is designed to attack the adipocytes and get your body losing weight fast, and also to keep motivation high.

There is no set amount of time that this phase should be followed, because this all depends on how much weight you will want to lose, but a word of caution – sticking to a high protein diet for too long can be hard on your

system, so you may not want to push your luck.


  • Cruise Phase


The cruise phase involves eating strictly protein, while alternating certain days between vegetables and protein. This is good as it slowly keeps the body on track, instead of sending you back to where you were.

The only exercise that is required to follow the Dukan diet menu is a brief 20 minute a day walk, which many will probably find is easy enough to accomplish.

The whole point of phase 2 is to reach your true weight, which is where you see yourself ideally weighing in at.


  • Consolidation Phase


Now the weight has been dropped but the consolidation phase in the Dukan diet is extremely important. This is about learning how to maintain your new physique.

During this stage, you will be allowed to have some fruits, breads and even introduce a little dairy to your eating style. There is also a reward meal once a week called the celebration meal, and there are no rules to this one. You can eat whatever you like for this meal, even if it’s pizza.


  • Stabilization Phase


The stabilization phase is about learning how to keep the new you. It asks that you try your best to stick with what you have learned from the Dukan diet menu, and although this is optional – you might have enjoyed the process so much that you choose to stick with it.

In fact, many people have reported that by following the guidelines in the Dukan diet long after they have completed it, that they were able to maintain their ideal weight.


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