Dog Obedience Training – Understand Your Dog and Make Training Easy!

Your Dog’s Mind is Very Much Like a Computer!

I am sure you have experienced it… Sitting in front of your computer screen; half your hair missing and red in the face. As you calm down and put all the things, savegeeks on your desk back in place you realize this approach is not working all that well! You take a deep breath and start again.

Then, when you finally get it right and your partner walks in and says: “I told you not to get so upset it always works in the end”. Not good timing!

Your dog is like a computer in this respect. They come, creditcana pre-programmed with instincts. Your job is to press the right buttons to guide them into the actions that you consider correct.

Your Wolf

To understand your dog you need to go back to his, expresstrue roots and think about him as a juvenile wolf. Domestic dogs come very close to this behavior and never really get passed this stage. This is great news because of the way the wolf pups learn: through play. Play works well as a motivation because it is the basis that leads to hunting and food. Food is the most important thing in your dog’s life (followed by sex).

The Best Age for Developing Positive References

The most important time for your dog is between the ages of four and twelve weeks. This is the socialization period of his life and the period in which he finds it, timesgym easier to accept new experiences because he is genetically programmed to accept whatever his mother says is OK. If you are looking to compete with your dog, this is the period in which you need to be teaching him that new experiences are fun and something he wants to do. This is done through positive reinforcement with treats and lots of love and cuddling.

Understanding Your Dog’s Mind

Dogs do not understand language (which may explain why shouting never seems to work). Dogs communicate through body language mainly and with some sounds. Eventually dogs learn human body language, sounds and even facial expressions.

It is also important to understand,oculuscredit the way in which his mind works. Your dog’s memory does not work the same way as yours does. He cannot think backwards and forwards and does not have the ability to think laterally.

Your dog’s memory works on triggers. This means that when he hears, sees or smells something his mind triggers a reaction that will be similar to the action he showed last time he experienced the same thing. There has to be something preventing him from doing depotblue what he is programmed to do. This is where training and motivation comes in. Introduce good training and motivation (with the right timing) and you can teach the dog to do act against his most basic instincts and do whatever you want him to!

When a dog reacts to a certain circumstance, his reaction is the sum of all the variables his mind takes into account: instincts, hormones, learnt responses, bodily functions, environment, and atmosphere. All of these things together cause him to act. If the reaction he gets from his action is not favorable he will react differently next time. Here you need to step in and show him what the correct action is, in a way that he can understand.

Now that you have an understanding of how your dog thinks and communicates you can see that his mind is indeed like a computer. It takes a steady hand and mind to get your computer to work. It is exactly the same with your dog. Treat him with love and patience and he will improve in leaps and bounds!


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