Treating Piles – Is Surgery Better Than Treating Piles At Home Naturally?

Should you try treating piles at home naturally, frontiernews before you try surgery? If you suffer from piles I am sure you have asked yourself this question. One of the biggest problems with having surgery is that this is not a permanent cure. If you do not change your diet and habits that caused the piles in the first place then they will still return.

What are the surgery options?


  • Stapled hemorrhoidopexy – This is where a round device is inserted into the rectum and the prolapsed tissue is pulled into the device. Next the excess, localletter tissue is cut away and the remaining hemorrhoidal tissue is stapled.


There are a few rare possible side effects of this procedure.


  1. Possible damaged to the rectal wall if the muscle tissue is drawn too far into the device.
  2. The internal sphincter muscles might, newspoke be stretched resulting in short-term or long-term complications.
  3. If you have large and bulky piles then this procedure may not work at all.
  4. A higher risk of your piles returning in this procedure than from traditional surgery.
  • Harmonic Scalpel -This technique uses ultrasonic technology for cutting and coagulation. There is less bleeding from this procedure compared to laser surgery.
  • Laser Surgery for piles – This is a very accurate and actually vaporizes the hemorrhoids. It has a very high success rate.
  • Atomizing Hemorrhoids – The atomizer procedure is a new and basically it vaporizes the pile one cell layer at a time. It has similar results as laser surgery but it has been reported that there is less bleeding.


The possible complications for Harmonic, laser, topicals and Atomizing surgery are as followed.


  • Infections are rare but are possible after piles surgery. There is less than a 1% chance of abscess.
  • Severe pain can last for 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Post surgery bleeding.
  • Swelling of skin bridges.
  • Difficulty urinating and possible urinary tract infections.
  • Major short-term incontinence.
  • Formation of skin tags.
  • Anal fissure.
  • Possible 40% chance that your piles will return.


With all of these wonderful surgery options, tbadaily why would you want to try treating piles at home?

The truth is, surgery should always be the least resort when treating piles. A good natural treatment for piles will show you several ways to get fast relief naturally. Then it will show you how to shrink your hemorrhoids and stop the bleeding all from using natural home remedies for piles. The best part about these natural cures is that your in control of what you are using and this is very important if you are pregnant. However, if you are pregnant they still would like you to show your doctor the ingredients before you use them just to be on the safe side. The good news is that some of the top natural piles cures have been proven to work in some cases as fast as 48 hours.

The biggest reason I could give you for why, kulfiy you should try treating piles at home naturally, is that there is a huge chance that they will still return after surgery. This is because the reason why you got your hemorrhoids has not been addressed only the hemorrhoids. Without the knowledge that a natural treatment can bring you on diet and exercise. It would be easy to continue the bad habits that caused the hemorrhoids in the first place.


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