How Am I Supposed to Market on Facebook Again?

In the past I have talked about ways to market you and your business in fact just the other day I talked about ways, book-a-cruise six ways, to be exact to market on a budget. One successful low-cost, free in fact way to market that I suggested was to use Facebook. In the past I even gave you a step by step guide on how to start a Facebook page for your business. Even with all that some or all of you might be wondering, OK I have a Facebook page for my business, but how am I supposed to use this as a successful marketing tool again? Today, I will answer just that very question.

So, let’s recap Facebook is a social networking site. The reason Facebook is a good marketing tool is because it allows you to connect with friends and a billion others with one click and best of all, this site is free. Now, cruise-ship-booking how do you engage in marketing on this popular, powerful social networking site? Stay tuned…because this is how.

First, to use Facebook you need to create a Facebook page for your business if you haven’t already done so.

Second, now that you have a Facebook page for your business it’s time to start adding fans and getting likes. You can jump start this process by getting current friends to like your business Facebook page.

Third, Start posting. After getting you Facebook page designed the way you want with all the information you wish to be visible now we are going to start posting to our Facebook page for all those to see, this is how we will get the word out. So, just what are posting? Well, influenciveinc let’s talk about that. Your postings will consist of current events happening with your business. Your posts can be short but it’s imperative that it has all the information the prospect needs to know. As for your posts, you can post and promote any specials and discounts going on with your business. Also, post news about events going on in your store if you have a brick and mortar business. You can also promote your new products and/or services through your posts. Be creative with your posts, but be sure the information posted relates to your business and that the posts include the information prospects need to know.

Fourth, Mainstream your blog. Another way to market on Facebook is if you write blogs then syndicate it. You can now syndicate your blog to automatically post to your Facebook page every time you write and post a blog on your blog site. Syndicating your blog will lead to more readers and therefore more leads and prospects.

Fifth, Take advantage of Facebook’s Marketplace. The marketplace is also free to use and another great way to gain exposure. In the marketplace you can post about your products and/or services.

Sixth, Send a gift. For those that feel that the use of Facebook and other online networking sites takes the personalization out of the business/client relationship Facebook has a cure for that. On Facebook they have a feature that allows you to send virtual gifts. So, if you have a client that is a Facebook fan of your business make a purchase and you would like to show your appreciation try sending them a virtual gift. Or if you just want to simply say thanks for being a fan, we appreciate you, smart-trove send them a virtual gift. Now virtual gifts do take money, but the gifts are very cheap and a great way to say thanks and they post directly to the recipients “wall” on Facebook.

Marketing on Facebook is very easy especially with the above ideas and strategies. So, Happy Marketing!!! Good Luck!!!

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