Choosing a Celebrity Perfume for a Friend

At this time of year, 7mgg it seems that every celebrity brings out a fragrance in the hope that members of the public will be tempted to buy their signature scents. Perfumes launched by celebrities are proliferating wildly and it is ever more apparent that to produce a new perfume every season is a part of the, now expected, sponsor package that comes with being in the public eye. So why do we need that “celebrity attachment?”

Celebrity lingerie, celebrity jeans, celebrity cosmetics, celebrity labels on any item of clothing, leather-ware, manguerose  jewellery and perfume are much sought after items so it is obviously something the client wishes to see. These products make us feel that we can be a little like our favourite celebrities: larger than life, sexier, prettier, more glamorous and envied by others.

Perfumes and fragrances with personality

The various perfumes launched by the cosmetic companies who have contracted with their favoured famous figure, reflect the personality and image of the celebrity. An outdoor type celebrity will have aromas launched that sound youthful, sporty, full of life and energy. A girl next-door personality will have a perfume launched which evokes friendship, warmth, openness and playfulness. A sexy siren will have a seductive and sensual perfume launched in her name. And there are many in-betweens. Cheekiness, roomidea honesty, high spirits, mystery, passion, and even wickedness can all be reproduced in an aroma, and that is what we like about our fragrances. We can adopt these characteristics and feel our personalities respond when we buy perfume.

Buying for a friend

We have all been faced with that problem of “What perfume would suit my friend or girlfriend?” So when buying fragrances for others, it is a good idea to think about their personalities. For the friend who is cheeky, loving, friendly, sexy and girl next door, try Kylie Minoghue’s range. You might try “Darling”,  spaicewith its freesias, amberwood and lily, or “Pink Sparkle” with its gardenia, bourbon vanilla, and musk. If she is cool and strong with a distinctive habit of standing up for herself and others, why not go for Christine Aguilera’s “Inspire” with citrus, mangoes, rose and orange flower. She will love the strong statement that it makes. For the beautiful Latina friend with warmth and impetuousness, you could try Jennifer Lopez’s “Glow After Dark” with its passion fruit, peony and oakmoss or “Blue Glow” with its mangosteen, water lily and mahogany notes. For a friend who is all out sexy, beautiful and larger than life go for Beyonce’s “Heat”. You can’t go wrong!

Buying your  online can give you a much clearer idea of the different choices and options available as they are likely have top have a much wider stock on view when compared with the high street store. Love it or hate it, celebrity perfume is here to stay.


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