Are You in Search of a Home Business? Start a Work From Home Internet Marketing Business – Day 2

The earn $5000 a week challenge to make money online in a work from home internet marketing business

This series of letters will inform anyone who is thinking about starting a home business on the foundations of what is necessary to take up the earn $5000 a week challenge, and what they need to know to make money online in a work from home internet marketing business. thebusinessdays

Day 2 THE BATTLE OF THE MIND Having a business mindset or a victim mindset

To anyone who is thinking of starting a home business the first thing they are going to address is having a business mindset. Most people have a large element of negative thinking. Whatever you decide to do whether it is a traditional Network marketing home business or a work from home internet marketing business, you have to do everything you can to develop a positive business mindset. bareng88

THE BATTLE OF THE MIND Having a business mindset or a victim mindset

In a clients journal entry on the 14/5/09 they wrote:

“The battle of the mind lies in the lack of finance and the ability to do things that having money can do. ie fix the car, fix the printer, invest in business cards and basically having money to live. Being down to the last $1,250 in my call account and having nothing else in savings does not sit well with me. I have some money coming in from ICT training and some money coming in from Network marketing home business ($2,750) but is not enough. The cost of propping last month was prohibitive, around $1,500 and what the company gave me ie the left over after deductions was used up in propping and more. So whats to live on? Its really tough mentally. I feel like I’m walking alone – even in my Network marketing home business, no model/ personal trainer / upline who can walk alongside me. So feel like pioneering – floundering out in thick bush.   Yet I need to break through here. ” storygame

The battle of the mind is going to be your biggest challenge in the beginning.

This poor me mindset is never going to get you going in a work from home internet marketing business. This victim thinking will keep you away from succeeding and prevent you propelling forward, so then there wont be any chance to make money online

You are at a certain point in your life and your habits and thought patterns will keep you there if you do not do something different. If you don’t change, then the whole earn $5000 a week challenge will never get off the ground. sportsyearly

You need to develop for yourself a vision that is big. THERE IS A MAGIC OF THINKING BIG. Read the book by Jeffrey Schwartz. Do yourself a favour and embed a solid vision,  … that something that will drive you forward.  That is the point of the earn $5000 a week challenge. Its thinking bigger than you have up to now. Yes there are some who earn $100,000 a month but that is so far ahead of our current thinking that we can’t start there. Take your current earnings and multiply it by 4. Aim for that. Earn $5000 a week challenge stretches us and this gets out business mindset on the right track and propels us forward. knowledgehype

Some call it creating a solid why, others say that if you can’t see it you can’t believe it, and if you can’t believe it then you won’t achieve it. Now they have put it in the positive.

If you can see it and believe it then you will do the actions that will enable you to achieve it.

So when starting a home business : Start with owning the earn $5000 a week challenge. Then believe that you can make money online. Then start looking around for a work from home internet marketing business.

In my one role I am an executive director in the health industry responsible for organization expansion. What I do is look for entrepreneurs who want to make money without constantly having to work for it and partner with them in business through leadership development. gossipcare

In my other role I am a certified personal and business coach responsible for individual and team empowerment. What I do is facilitate a powerful process which highly improves individual and team impact and performance through mind transformation.

I have entered into The earn $5000 a week challenge to make money online in a work from home internet marketing business. A completely new venture, one that I know nothing about, and one that I will learn by doing and I will pass on that information. I love a challenge.


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