The Book Of Eli Review – A Truthful Review of The Movie

The Book of Eli review, my thoughts. The only one good thing that could be mentioned in regards to this film is the fact that it’s very well shot (although the recurring shots of individuals against skies of moving clouds get outdated quickly). The rest is 100 % pure drivel. boccaccioravello

If you wish to watch this for the action, you will most probably wind up feeling totally ripped off. You will find a couple of action sequences and they’re all a dime a dozen. If you would like some postapocalyptic action, take a look at Waterworld. Its considerably more pleasurable. coloradoskihome

If we remove the measly action, then we’re left with an excessively dramatic and somewhat nonsensical tale. The film takes itself Extremely Seriously but no person bothered to essentially see if it makes sense at all. It does not. It is rather badly veiled religious propaganda full of plot holes (e.g. exactly where does he discover those guns) that eventually ends up disproving its own points.

The film creates a big point in regards to the unexplainable book our leading man is using, but it is shatteringly apparent inside of 5 mins that it is a Bible. What is even worse is the hero is displayed as well, the hero, despite the fact that he is semi-invulnerable and stands idly by as a female is raped, simply because he “is on a mission”. Great message. Following that, the film states that you more or less require a Bible to get civilized; he passes by a myriad of individuals who might have actually taken advantage of it and takes it to the one place that’s done wonderfully well with no Bible for many years. Great method to shoot your self in the foot… For more info please visit these sites :-

I really could continue about this, however the case in point is the fact that it does not make sense at all in any way.

The Bible is a good book which contains lots of very helpful things, but so long as you do not practice that which you preach it is worthless. This film does precisely the reverse, raising a bunch of words to some thing semi-magically as opposed to concentrating what religion ought to be about: assisting people.


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