Dementia Is Not Just in Your Genes

It has been found recently that there are several genes that are directly associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease which is one of the most common causes behind the development of dementia. There are the genes that increase the chances of being affected by Dementia. More research is still being carried out on this new finding. genee

The functions of the cells of our body are controlled by our genes. Genes also determine our various basic characteristics like determining the color of our eyes. It has also been found that genes are not the sole reason behind the development of this disease. In the condition Dementia, thinking and memory of a person are affected.

Researchers also say that not only the genes are the cause behind the development of Dementia rather than there are a number of other factors that directly have an effect on our mental health. Our lifestyle has a big effect on our mental health. The food items we consume also affect our mental health. So, we can then say that dementia is not just in your genes.

Alzheimer’s Disease is Genetic

Previously, it was said by the researchers that the Alzheimer’s disease is genetic. Now, the concept has been made clear and it is accepted that the brain disease is actually a lifestyle disease than being a genetic disease.

We all have several genes in our body. There are the genes APOE-4. With these genes, a person has more chances of being affected by the disease. In many cases, the disease-causing genes may remain inactive. It all depends upon our lifestyle and our diet that may lead to the activation or inactivation of the genes.

Genes and Dementia

Form the discussion above, it can be concluded that dementia is not just in your genes. The process is that a person gets one APOE e4 gene from his father. He gets the other from his mother. When you are having one or two APOE e4 genes, you are having more chances of being caught by the Alzheimer’s disease. Several cases have also been found in which the person did not get affected by the disease even after having the APOE e4 genes.

Several cases have also been found in which the people developed the disease, even they were not having APOE e4 genes. This thing made it clear that genes are not the only factor behind the dementia. Other than the genes, there are also a number of factors that play a role in the contribution of the disease. stylowakobieta

Age Factor and Dementia 

Another factor behind these symptoms that come under the group dementia is age factor. With your increasing age, you have more chances of developing the disease. When you cross your 65, your chances of developing the disease increase greatly.


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