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What is Clickbank and how can I make money with Clickbank? Think of it as the online marketplace. You can buy many different electronic products ranging from “Health & Fitness” to “Society & Culture” all in one place. Okay online afro marketplace, but how do I make money? You will be an affiliate and market the products through free article marketing. Article marketing is writing articles to encourage readers to purchase an item you’re marketing. Then when a sale is made, you make a commission. I’m not talking a small commission, depending on the product you’re affiliated with, the commission rates could be 50% or more.

You have probably heard of article marketing or even affiliate marketing before. What makes selling with Clickbank different from all the other promises you’ve heard before? You can get started with article marketing for free and make higher commissions then other methods out there. Why would you trust someone you don’t know? If I did know you personally, you would already be selling through article marketing. Casino Malaysia

How to Get Started:
First you will need to sign up as an affiliate with Clickbank. Then you should research a specific niche where people are ready to buy. Finally, you write about the product to bring the people and the product together. This is an over simplified version of the process, but this is the concept.  pe-eq

How do I Make Money:
Once you get started, you will be writing a lot of articles, but it’s free to write and marketing is a numbers game. You can read other articles and see that other marketers may not write very well, but they make sales. How do they make sales? They write a lot of articles and the buyers will purchase the product to satisfy their needs. Your articles are what will bring the consumer and the product together to create the sale. I can’t emphasize this enough… it’s all a numbers game. The more eyes you have viewing your articles, the greater chance of making the sale.

I Don’t Write Well or Fast:
Don’t worry about your writing ability at the moment. Remember, it’s a numbers game. The more you write the greater chance to make a sale. You want a lot of views on your articles. Later you can improve the content of your articles to maximize the potential of readers clicking to view the product you’re marketing. bennietay

Speed writing would be great, but most of us can’t write that fast. I don’t write fast either; it takes me about 2-hours to complete one article from conception to posting. As you make money you should re-invest back into your business. Hire a family member, a fellow student, or a teenager to help write articles for you. Just make sure to proof the work and make sure it’s all original content. pet portraits uk

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Not so long ago I was sitting at my computer, just like you are now, thinking how confusing and frustrating making money online can be. Who can you trust to teach you the steps necessary to earn cash from home? I’m that person and I want to help you make money with Clickbank

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