What Is A Transcription Service?

A transcription business is a type of business which converts speech, recorded or live, into written or electronic text document. Transcription services are usually provided for business, legal, medical, trade associations, meeting planners, nonprofits and individual concerns. Individuals wanting to write a book but do not have the time or the expertise, may just record their ideas, and then employ the services of a transcriptionist.

As a trained secretary, we were taught the use of Shorthand to record speech. This made transcription quite a difficult job but with the introduction of tape cassettes and portable recorders the work has become much easier and new possibilities have emerged. Cassettes can travel through internal mail or external mail which means that the transcriptionists can https://travelstranscribed.com/ have the work brought to them in their own office which could be in a different location or business. Transcriptionists can also work from home for many different businesses at their own convenience, provided they meet the deadlines required by their clients.

With the help of technology of today, we can transcribe almost anything, and that very rapidly. An mp3, for example, can be used to record speech. The recording can then be uploaded to a pc and emailed within minutes to someone who could be anywhere in the world. The transcriptionist can then replay the audio many times and transcribe it. Or, the mp3 can be sent as external mail. The completed document can then be emailed back and printed out or incorporated into other documents – all within just a few hours of the original recording being made.

Bearing in mind the sensitivity of documents, industry best practices must be followed. A good transcriptionist does not overlook data security. This is most important when dealing with government agencies, law firms, courts and other business concerns, because their data are usually highly security sensitive.

Charging for transcription services varies from individual to individual and organization to organization. That can be per line, per word, per minute, or per hour, depending on individual or organization.

The industry standard for transcribing an audio file takes one hour for every 15 minutes of audio. Though, the use of transcription software has greatly reduced the time a human will use to transcribe a work. I personally do not encourage the use of software as there are unavoidable errors inherent in their use. No matter how high-tech a software is, it takes a human to conduct accurate editing and proofreading.


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