Do I Need an Expensive R-C Airplane to Fly Better?

Is sometimes asked by beginner pilots new to the hobby of radio control aircraft flying. It is a reasonable question, however the answer is NO!

The reason being, learning how to fly model aircraft more accurately has to with spending time actually flying. Developing your hand and eye coordination skills is what make you a better pilot.

This article will assume you are just passed the high-wing trainer stage, and can now fly relatively safely.

What you need to do now is look for an intermediate low-wing trainer WHY? Because it will help you improve your skills for more advanced planes.

Well what is a low-wing sports model? It is a model that has the wing located under the fuselage of the plane.

These type of aircraft fly a lot smoother than high-wing trainers.

What you need is one that comes…

* A-R-F (Almost ready to fly) prebuilt
* Requires a few hours for assembly
* Wingspan 60″- 70″ inches.

The larger wings allows you greater visibility and orientation in the sky. skywings

Now as for improving skill level, that will require more PRACTICE and DEDICATION on your part.

Purchasing higher priced airplanes will not MAKE you a precision flyer.

Here are some suggestions that can help you…

1. Visit a hobby store in your city or online.
2. Ask the flight instructor to assist you in selecting your first low-wing model aircraft and accessories.
3. Also ask for assistance with flying your new aircraft for safety purposes. affluentwords
4. Apply to the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) if you have not done so.

The members of the AMA will find you a hobby club field in your city.


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